The Only Ceramic-Infused Self-Healing PPF on The Market



If you want to keep your car looking like new, KAVACA Paint Protection Film, by Ceramic Pro, is an essential investment that will save you time and money.

Introducing KAVACA Ceramic Coated Paint Protection Film, combining Ceramic Pro’s industry leading Nanotechnology with their Premium Self Healing Paint Protection Film, to offer the best of both worlds for surface protection! 

The stain resistance of this advanced film will keep your vehicle cleaner longer, while offering protection against rocks and other flying debris it may face on the road.

After testing a number of films, we believe KAVACA PPF is the best option for your vehicle. Not only does this PPF provide high-level protection, but the installation of KAVACA PPF is attached to your car, truck, or SUVs CarFax Vehicle History Report! The service and warranty stays with the VIN – meaning it can transfer to the next vehicle owner.

Self-Healing Technology
Small scratches, roadside debris, and rock chips? No problem. KAVACA is the only PPF on the market that self-heals without heat. Save thousands on auto body repair with PPF.
12 Year Limited Warranty
The longest among PPF products. Please see full details below.
Proper Application
Avoid premature peeling and visible edges with our proprietary technology and certified methods.

We offer customizable PPF coverage packages! From partial front-end, to full-body coverage. Pricing is dependent on your car model, the coverage desired, and the condition of your vehicle. Please contact us for a quote.


Full Bumper
Fog Lights
Side Mirrors
Partial Front End
Full Bumper
Partial Hood
Parital Fenders
Fog Lights
Side Mirrors
Full Front End
Full Bumper
Full Hood
Full Fenders
Fog Lights
Side Mirrors
Full Car
Full Bumper
Full Hood
Full Fenders
Full Roof
Full Rear Bumper
Full Pillars
Fog Lights
Side Mirrors
Add Ons
Per Request
Rocker Panel
Luggage Strip
Door Cups
Door Seals
Door Edges

Witness The Self-Healing Capabilities of KAVACA PPF 

Paint Protection Film vs Ceramic Pro Coating


Want Full Protection, But Looking to Save?
Talk to us about adding PPF to high-impact areas and Ceramic Pro coating to the rest of your vehicle.

Common Questions

What makes Castro Oasis unique?
Castro Oasis was created by and for people truly passionate about their cars.

We have extremely high expectations when it comes to our own vehicles, expectations which many times other shops have not met. Castro Oasis was created from the desire - and necessity - to provide a seamless experience for the discerning types like us. We care about the details and make decisions based on careful research and our own experience. We are committed to staying informed on the latest technology and products so we can provide you with the best quality.

Your satisfaction is our top priority, so we not only provide results, but also take the time to educate you on the proper maintenance of your vehicle. Simply put, we are dedicated to providing excellence in service, while treating your car as if it were our own.
My car is new. Do I still need to apply Paint Protection Film or a Ceramic Pro Coating?
People often equate a new car with a perfect car, but this is a common misconception. In most cases, any new vehicle will benefit from polishing or paint correction. Prepping the car before applying Paint Protection Film (PPF) or Ceramic Coatings will ensure an even, clear coverage free of imperfections.

While there is nothing wrong with applying PPF over dent defects or fine scratches, small air pockets around these defects will be magnified once the film is applied. To minimize prep, maximize the results, and protect your vehicle from any further damage, we recommend applying PPF as soon as possible.

Ceramic Pro coating will add a durable, high-gloss, chemically resistant coating to your car, so you will never need to wax again. This makes contaminants like tree sap and hard water spots much easier to remove. While most ceramic coatings have similar characteristics to the paint of your car, Ceramic Pro once cured, is measured to have a hardness above 9H, making it the hardest paint coating on the market. This new glass coating prevents minor scratches, preserving your factory paint. Any surface scratches can be easily removed with light polishing that won’t weaken the integrity of the original coat. While Ceramic Pro provides 3x as much resistance against rock chips and scratching, they are still possible.

For the best protection and high-shine look, we recommend applying PPF and then Ceramic Pro to your vehicle. However, packages are customizable and we can always help you find the best solution according to your vehicle, tastes, and budget.
Does your PPF come with a warranty?
Yes. Our PPF comes with a manufacturer’s warranty of 12 years.
What does the 12 year warranty cover?
The manufacturer’s warranty covers defects in materials and workmanship. This includes yellowing, staining, cracking, blistering and delamination. The warranty does not cover normal wear and tear, damages due to road debris impact, other collisions and accidents, or any intentional damage of any kind. Did you know Kavaca PPF installations will show on your vehicle’s CarFax to protect its resale value?
Does your film self-heal?
Kavaca by Ceramic Pro is the only PPF on the market that instantly self-heals, without the application of heat.
What brands of PPF do you use?
We have tried several PPF products on the market and have come to the conclusion that Ceramic Pro KAVACA PPF gives your car’s paint the best protection. At this time, we exclusively use this product.
How long does the application of PPF take?
The length of time it takes to apply PPF depends on several factors including the size of your vehicle and the coverage selected. You can expect to wait approximately 2-5 days for this service. Please note you will need to return to Castro Oasis for a wash and check-up once the PPF is fully cured, in about a week after service.

Our attention to detail is one of our distinguishing features. Please note we take the necessary amount of time to provide the careful and correct application of our products and services. We strive for efficiency and convenience, but value the quality of our results and your complete satisfaction most of all.
What type of vehicles do you work on?
We have experience working on all types of vehicles from your daily drivers to exotics. We pride ourselves on our custom-fit solutions and quality of service on any vehicle.
Are you insured?
Yes. Our insurance covers liability, loss, theft, fire and water infiltration. Our premises are monitored by a custom security system with a bird’s eye view of both the interior of the building and the exterior of the property 24/7, 365 days a year for your peace of mind.
Are you certified?
Our team holds multiple certifications to ensure the proper application of our PPF and Ceramic Pro products as well as our other services. We are committed to staying current on all best practices in order to provide you with the best service possible.
What is the difference between Paint Protection Film and Ceramic Pro Coatings?
Ceramic Pro coating provides an incredibly hard, hydrophobic glass layer that will add a candy-like gloss to your car, protect it from harmful UV rays and other contaminants, and make it much easier to clean. Unlike other ceramic coatings, Ceramic Pro will add a scratch resistant layer to protect against minor scratches. Minor scratches can be lightly polished off.

However, Ceramic Pro will not provide the same level of protection against swirl marks, rock chips and other scratches as Paint Protection Film. Ceramic Pro also does not contain self-healing technology like PPF. And, while Ceramic Pro makes hard water spots much easier to remove, it does not prevent them like PPF does. Therefore, for the ultimate protection, we recommend the application of both PPF and Ceramic Pro to your vehicle.

While we recommend the application of both PPF and Ceramic Pro to your vehicle, we understand several factors can affect your decision. We are happy to help you make the decision that is ultimately the best for YOUR specific needs. Contact us today.

Still Need Help Deciding?

While we recommend the application of both PPF and Ceramic Pro to your vehicle, we understand several factors can affect your decision. We are happy to help you make the decision that is ultimately the best for YOUR specific needs.

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