Auto Detailing Services Meant to Enhance And Protect Your Vehicle


Castro Oasis Auto Detailing

When it comes to Automotive Detailing, Castro Oasis pays attention to the details. We know we’re speaking your love language when we make mention of a long-lasting fresh smell, leather that retains its shine, and crumb-free seats, so we’re not satisfied with stopping at the basics. Let us revive your vehicle’s appearance and bring back that new car feeling.

Auto Detailing Packages

Exterior Basic Full-Car Detail
Castro Oasis Gold Car Wash package
Two Step Paint Correction (upgrade)
Multi Step Paint Correction (upgrade)
Hydro Sealant
Interior Basic Full-Car Detail
All crevices are air blown
All seats are wiped down
Hydroleather Ceramic OR upgrade to Ceramic Pro Leather application
Washing interior carpets or mats OR upgrade to shampooing all carpets.
Best Value
Combine either our Interior or Exterior car detailing packages for $150 Off the Final Price!
Add Ons
Custom Treatments
Per Request
Stain removal
Ozone treatments
Extra cleaning time
And more

Chemical Guys "Hydro-Leather"

“Hydro Leather” Ceramic by Chemical Guys helps preserve the look and feel of genuine leather, faux leather, and vinyl. This ceramic leather protective coating protects seats from UV rays to help prevent fading, and dust and contaminants from sticking.

Ceramic Pro "Leather"

Ceramic Pro “Leather” is a practical coating for daily protection. This powerful protective ceramic coating provides a super-hydrophobic layer that helps repel dirt, drinks and food from your car’s surface. The hydrophobic layer also helps prevent wear and tear, enhances color, and provides UV-resistance for 6-9 months.

Looking For Long-Term Paint Protection?

Find out whether PPF or a Ceramic Pro Coating is right for you!