Paint Correction and Protection Matters

Paint Correction and Protection Matters! And with the brutal Northeastern winters we’re often-times forced to endure, paint protection is truly pivotal! The owner of this Nissan Rogue was able to recognize and understand that right away. After sitting down and discussing the various Ceramic Pro Protective Coating packages we have available, they decided it would be best to protect their investment! With what package you may ask?… The Ceramic Pro Sport Package, which comes with a Manufacturer 6-Month Warranty. 

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By taking our time to perform a one-step paint correction on the entire body of the vehicle, we were able to remove about 90% of all micro-scratches! That’s something a simple wax and sealant could never do by themselves. That’s because with a true paint correction, we are actually slowly removing those micro-swirls/scratches with the careful use of our high-grade polishers. 

Once the one-step paint correction is complete, and the paint is now considered “corrected”, it’s time for the final step!… The application of Ceramic Pro Sport! This step is where the magic happens! This is when the paint of this Nissan Rogue truly becomes protected. By applying Ceramic Pro Sport to the entire body of this customer’s vehicle, they can now ride with confidence this winter, knowing their car is now Corrected & Protected by the best in the industry!