2022 Volvo XC40 Receives a Ceramic Pro Sport Coating

Winter in the Northeast is upon us, and there’s no better time than now to protect your car from the harsh elements & road salt throughout the season! Most people tend to realize this when it’s already too late, but this customer wanted to be proactive! Which is why they decided to come down to Castro Oasis for an exterior detail and a Ceramic Pro Sport coating for her beautiful all-black 2022 Volvo XC40 R-Design.


If you care about your car, then you should take the proper measures to ensure your investment is protected. The owner of this vehicle really loves her car, and wanted to come in and enhance and maintain the natural beauty of the exterior with an Exterior Detail.

Not only that, but there were some nasty swirl marks left behind from her previous car wash. But that’s no problem for the Castro Oasis team! So we took the time to perform a complete 1-step paint correction on the entire body of the vehicle. In doing so, we were able to bring this baby back to a near-factory finish!

That was only the beginning of the multi-step process performed to be able to revitalize and enhance the Volvo’s exterior shine!

In order to seal up that shine, and enhance it even further, we went ahead and applied a nice layer of Ceramic Pro Sport to the entire body of the vehicle! Not only does it enhance the shine itself, but it also gives your vehicle a convenient hydrophobic effect.

Now you may be asking yourself, what benefit could that possibly add to a vehicle? I’ll tell you!… Making your vehicle have hydrophobic qualities via a Ceramic Pro application, means that it will now repel rain, dirt, and other harmful chemicals, that otherwise would slowly eat away at your vehicle’s paint. Needless to say, the benefits were easily recognized here!

From beginning to end, this customer and their car were a pleasure to work with! And both parties couldn’t be more pleased with the end outcome of this project! Sending this car back home Oasis Fresh!

Check Out The Video Here!