Ceramic Coating Your Car in 2023

Are you tired of looking at those annoying swirl marks on the hood of your car? If you said “Yes.”, then I’m here to tell you that you’re not alone! The owner of this Jeep Wrangler felt the same exact way, which is why they decided to bring their baby down to Castro Oasis, to receive a multi-step paint correction.
That isn’t all they got done though!…

What Do Ceramic Coatings Do?

Introducing Ceramic Pro, Ion Technology! Not only does it have all the benefits of the top-tier Ceramic Pro 9H generation, but it also surpasses it in virtually every aspect and has a quality that was previously considered impossible for a nanoceramic coating!
Namely, it has outstanding resistance to abrasion that takes Ion to a league of its own in terms of protection from wear and tear. Ceramic Pro Ion is the future of surface protection that has manifested today!
Fact: Ceramic Pro Ion Has Superior Abrasive Resistance
Fact: Ceramic Pro Ion Has Improved Chemical Resistance
Fact: Ceramic Pro Ion Has Twice The Strength of Traditional Pro-Grade Nanoceramic Coatings

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How Much Does a Ceramic Coating Cost?

When protecting one of your most prized possessions, there truly isn’t a price you can put on the peace of mind received once knowing your “baby” is protected by the industry leader in protective coatings. Our customers recognize that, which is why they decide to protect their investments with Ceramic Pro Protective Coatings.

To answer the question at hand though, our Ceramic Pro coatings range from as low as $100, to around $2,000. For context though, the price is dependent on a number of factors. For example, the desired life-length of the coating itself, the number of steps of paint correction needed to perform to be able to remove the surface-level scratches within the paint, as well as the size of the vehicle at hand.

If receiving a Ceramic Pro protective coating sounds like it would be a benefit to you and you’d like to know what it would cost to protect your investment with Castro Oasis, Click Here!